Stretchology Stretch Therapy

9 February 2017

What is it?

SST is a unique table-based assisted stretching technique that works to release tight connective tissue, muscles and ‘Fascia” through a series of movements.

What SST will do for you?

  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce lower back, shoulder and Neck tightness
  • Improve speed, strength and agility
  • Minimize injuries during training and competition
  • Relieve stress
  • Live a more pain free and comfortable life!

SST is beneficial for everyone – fitness and athletes.

Who we have trained in SST

  • NY Jets Running back
  • All State High School Football Athletes
  • Long Drive Champion
  • NYC Marathon Competitiors
  • Elite High School Track Athletes
  • Gymnastic Champions
  • Many adult fitness clients striving to look and feel better

How it works

SST is performed as assisted stretching on a massage table equipped with comfortable straps that stabilize your body.

While you relax on the table the therapist will cue your breathing and gradually ease you into a series of gentle, but deep stretching movements.

The experience is relaxing and pain-free. Unlike traditional stretching, SST integrates several planes of movement that follow the patterns of your fascia.

How to get started

Before beginning any Stretch Therapy program, you will need to have an assessment and initial consultation. To set up an appointment, visit the welcome desk at The Gym or call 954-533-6455.